Long Weekend

Quick Pack Bundle

Packing for a long weekend getaway but bringing enough stuff to last an entire month?

Simplify the process with this quick pack bundle for a 4 day, 3 night trip.

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What's Included:

Long Weekend Quick Pack Video: I'll show you the exact things to include on your long weekend getaway packing list in this short-and-sweet video.

Long Weekend Quick Pack Guide: This PDF guide provides a few extra gear notes, 3 quick packing tips, and a visual Pack Map for extra packing support.

Editable Long Weekend Packing Checklist: Start with our done-for-you list and edit the PDF directly on your computer to suit your specific packing needs.

Pack lighter, quicker, and easier today!

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Carry-On-Only Crash Course

Get the 5-part training series that will transform your packing so that you can travel carry-on-only... every time!
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Packing Mindset Training Pack

Packing light success comes down to 20% strategy and 80% mindset. Get this 6-pack of bite-sized video trainings that will boost your chances of reaching your packing goals.
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Creative Ways to Minimize Your Toiletry & Beauty Kit

Ensure your toiletry kit is carry-on-friendly. Get practical tips and DIY recipes that will guarantee your success!
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